sobre ebriedad


Jess Cochrane is a third-year law student and public health activist based in Boston.  She has worked in community health centers, legal services agencies, and public defenders’ offices, and is committed to engaging in critical discourse on drugs, race, class, gender, and the law.  She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and passionate about language access, reproductive justice, and shaping policies to support families in diverse urban communities.

The name of this blog comes from an essay called Sobre Ebriedad by Spanish journalist Antonio Escohotado, who also wrote A Brief History of Drugs. Unfortunately, there is no English translation of the essay, but the literal meaning is “sober intoxication,” or a measured, reasoned, moderated inebriation. The title is also a play on words, because sobre in Spanish is more commonly taken to mean “about” or “on,” so it also translates to “About Inebriation.”

The header image is a photograph taken in January 2013 of a street mural in La Candelaria, a neighborhood in the Colombian capital of Bogotá, heavily influenced by artisans and leftist collectives.


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